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At Orange Penguin, we’re proud to have a small, but specialized team of tech orientated professionals that put their years of experience in the industry towards edge cutting solutions for all types of businesses. You can think of us as your go-to IT department – we save time and money by offering a variety of services, for all of your tech related needs. Web Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Company Branding, and more – we provide the most suitable and cost effective solutions every step of the way.

With the recent changes behind us, an overwhelming majority of businesses have been moving online – so we know just how important it is to not only have a great online presence, but to make it stand out in the market. At Orange Penguin, we know that navigating the market to find reliable web solutions can seem daunting at times. This is why our team works tirelessly to help you through the process, and are always available to answer any queries.

Whatever service you might be looking for, Orange Penguin is founded on the notion of being client orientated – be it a small or a large sized business, we know that our clients’ needs may vary. This is why we adapt and modify our services in order to ensure a 100% satisfaction. We strive towards perfection with everything that we do. Every business has different needs and different systems of working, so we assess what solutions would be most effective, and suggest the most suitable steps forward – all to make your business thrive.

Orange Penguin remains focused about getting the results you’re looking for. Our passion and experience doesn’t just make us your first option as a digital agency, but paired with our values of keeping clients at the heart of everything that we do, we guide you through an effective and innovative process of finding and utilizing the finest web solutions available. Improving the engagement of your audience, bringing in more web traffic, and ensuring that all your clients will navigate your web services with ease – that’s just some of the things that we’re here for.

Your business’ connection with technology is necessary for its success.

So whether it’s taking your business online, helping it take off, or improving its presence – Orange Penguin has you covered.

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Orange Penguin’s mission is founded on balancing our experience and passion for IT to transform your business by connecting it with the best online presence possible. We do this by tailoring our services to your specific needs, so your business can thrive.


Our vision is based around giving businesses the chance to reinvent more than just their websites – to reimagine their digital world for their ultimate success. We envision innovative, creative, and edge cutting digital transformations to create positive change for business performance


We believe in keeping our business customer orientated, and will ensure that all of our clients are at the centre of what we do. Alongside our engagement with our clients, Orange Penguin values quality, reliability, and creativity.

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