Web Development

webdevOrange Penguin specialises in creating remarkable websites to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. With experienced professionals on board, we’ve got you and your business covered when it comes to tailoring the perfect website design for you. We provide state of the art concepts designed to promote your business, through understanding what our customers need to profit their business. Our company is founded on reliability, guest satisfaction, and creating first class websites.

In light of recent years, in which technology has leaped into intertwining with our everyday lives, businesses have moved onto advertising themselves through well crafted websites. Any website that wants to attract attention, a greater interest, and reign in customers needs to be noticeable. Orange Penguin offers exactly that – a reliable service aimed to increase the growth of your business.

Digital Marketing

digital marketingWhen it comes down to social media, numerous business owners have dismissed it as a minor worry. Or, sometimes, it doesn’t come to anyone’s mind when they’re focused on marketing their business through conventional means.

Social media, however, holds a great influence over anyone with a device – be it a phone, laptop or tablet. It goes beyond messaging your friends and keeping in touch with your family, it can also be used as a notable tool for marketing your business.

At Orange Penguin, we strategise any social media campaign precisely and successfully, in order to boost your business growth. This includes managing your social media: advertising your business through it, and marketing your content. Whatever your business may be, we can help it grow through social media.

Search Engine Optimization

seoNo matter how much a business is promoted, those campaigns can be easily proved ineffective if business owners don’t spare some time on improving their SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. The successful SEO that Orange Penguin offers to any business strives to provide high quality content that will heighten your visibility to potential customers in search engines.

When looking to boost your business and ultimately increase your sales, it’s important for customers to be able to easily find you through a search engine, as well as your services.

Orange Penguin is focused on a customer centric approach in order to help boost your business – which means using a customer friendly SEO strategy, called TAB
(Thorough research – Attention – Boosting your business)


brandingIf you’re looking to go beyond boosting your business, then you should look to create an image for your company that will be easily remembered by customers. With how quickly people can divert their attention from one thing to another, you can easily have their focus fixated on your company through branding it successfully.

It’s what we’re here for – to provide a memorable image for your business. An outlook that will make you stand out in the market, and establish your company as first class.

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